The website builder that’s fast, smart and perfect for small businesses

Savvy is a customizable website builder that is mobile-first. It’s easy to use and helps small businesses to get a web presence quickly and painlessly.

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Savvy Site Builder
Savvy Site Builder
Savvy Site Builder

Quick to start

Get customers to your vital business information quickly.

  • Telephone number
  • Location
  • Opening hours
  • and more...
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Effortless to enhance

Unlock more Savvy features when you ready

  • QR code + custom domain
  • Smart layout options
  • Add special offers
  • and more...
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Creating content can take time. Don’t let that be a barrier to getting started. Publish essential info today. Then upgrade automagically.

"We believe that a hassle-free website is what most businesses need. A Savvy Site provides your customers with simple, fast and accurate information. "

How is a Savvy Site different?

A simple, smart solution that grows with your business.

savvy website example

Search engines love it.

Get your content to display perfectly in search results.

savvy website example

Everything a small business needs.

Contact details, location, special offers. Info that customers actually want.

savvy website example

Savvy upgrades automagically.

Don't over invest in your website. Our real innovation is our pricing.

Websites can be time consuming, costly to develop and difficult to maintain. So we developed a simple solution that uses the latest technology to grow with your business.

savvy website example

A perfect preview inside search results

Rich cards are a new kind of search result format that come standard with your Savvy Site. We preformat your content so that it displays perfectly in search results. Doing this gives your business a better chance of connecting with customers immediately.🤖

savvy website example
savvy website example

It’s truly mobile and lightning fast

Our website templates are fast, providing a 100% optimized mobile experience. 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load on mobile. Don’t let your business suffer just because someone hasn’t done their job properly.🙈

savvy website example
savvy website example

A simpler solution that’s also hassle free

If you’ve had a Wordpress website you’ll know about the headaches of maintenance. With a Savvy Site all of that goes away because your website works in plain html – your site is secure.🤓

savvy website example

Top questions from Support

  • What’s the difference between free and paid?
    • With a free Savvy Site you can publish vital information about your business, that customers need to know. It also runs on our domain and looks like this. – when your upgrade you'll unlock new features and you can use a custom domain name.
  • Is it really free?
    • Yes, the free version is free. You pay nothing, nada, zip. You're welcome.
  • Why should I switch to Savvy?
    • Because spending time, energy and money on a website is not something that you should have to do. A Savvy Site requires less from you, so that you can make better decisions and have more time for the important things. Your customers.
  • What happens to my site if I cancel my subscription?
    • Because our website builder produces HTML, you are able to export and download the entire website after the first year of subscription has been paid. You wont have access to the Savvy Editor once you cancel your subscription, and you'll need to learn a bit of code to update the information, but you can take your website with you.

We’re looking for distribution partners to deliver our website builder to customers.

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